Over the years, in a variety of roles, I have helped people achieve a wide range of learning objectives. It has been my privilege to enable people to get certified, hired, onboarded, acquire specific on-the-job skills, master software packages, manage others and lead change.

The methods have evolved from the computer training labs I managed and taught in the 90ies to the webinars and remote learning options available today. And while the learners and topics have been diverse, my passion for seeing specific, measurable goals attained through active learning has remained a constant.

Catherine went with me to buy my first computer. I had decided to write a history of my family to give to my grandchildren and realized I could not possibly do it by long hand. Since I had never worked with a computer before, she had to first talk to me about what the computer could do for me as well as for my project.


We had to start with the very basics. I typed the title and Catherine then showed me how to capitalize it, make it bold, make it larger or smaller, and center it. Once I learned that, I learned how to save it and print it out.


After I had mastered those basic skills, Catherine had me — on the computer — write down in my own words exactly how to do the above skills. That was was the beginning of my own personal index of HOW TO which was saved each time I added something new. My HOW TO list grew into a proper INDEX. It was a simple and easy process to learn.


I completed my family history and now my computer skills are a part of my every day life.

Susan Rudin