It can be tricky to move a class or learning event online. Since COVID-19, many programs that were working in-person have suddenly moved to virtual delivery; but not every program has had a chance to be thoroughly adapted or designed for the best remote experience. WLS will reaches learners with active and well-paced online events.

And, as face-to-face delivery options become available, there will be new challenges. Where and how will your programs run? Will you keep them online, deliver them live, or some combination of the two?

WLS provides the guidance and planning for the delivery of purposeful and engaging classes, webinars, workshops and collaborative sessions. WLS will elevate your online event, and help you deliver a seamless experience.

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Catherine was able to add not one but several new dimensions to the conduct of Zoom meetings for me. I have worked with her on both important committee matters, and rather high level discussion forums. She is remarkably talented with her master of technology and she is creative in adding interesting dimensions to elevate conversation. Initially, we had a good measure of resistance to ‘Oh, not another Zoom meeting,’ but by meetings end the participants regularly came away with an awareness of how interesting, participatory and, indeed, entertaining a zoom exchange could be. Lists, video clips, charts, tables, chat rooms, vote tallies, even an occasional grand finale with a inspiring music as participants headed to ‘Leave the Meeting’ – all lent themselves to a thoroughly educational and entertaining series of experiences.

Stuart Halpert, Chairman Emeritus, First Washington Realty, Inc.